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QTPov Editor is not anymore supported, but a new project with the same aim has been started. The new project is named XPE, I let you imagine what it can mean ;). As I am codding everything for the new project and not assembling existing components, this will be a very long and hard work so be very patient !

You can still get the last release of QTPov Editor from the official SourceForge.net repository

QTPE Scene Packager

The QTPov Editor project also include an independant tool named "QTPE Scene Packager" which will try to help you to create a zipped package contaning all the files needed for one project, replacing absolutes paths with relatives ones, etc ...
You can use QTPE Packager completely independantly without needing to install QTPE. It can be downloaded on the same repository as QTPE

XPE Project

QTPov Editor has been replaced by neXtgen Povray Editor. Visit it's website !

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